Coca-Cola Mexico has simultaneously launched 20 new products onto the market, doubling the size of its portfolio in one go.

The 20 beverages are part of three new product lines, Ciel Dasani, Minute Maid and Spacio Leve, designed to appeal to the growing demand for healthy beverage choices in Mexico. Talking to just-drinks, Coca-Cola Mexico spokesman Jorge Casimiro said the move did not mean the company would lessen its focus on its flagship Coca-Cola brand but was more of a catch up on trends in the Mexican market.

"People are always looking for more choices to stay hydrated and refreshed depending on their activities and lifestyles," said Coca-Cola Mexico's VP of marketing, Jaime Aguilera. "With this unprecedented launch of 20 new products in Mexico, we have become a total beverage company by offering consumers the widest range of options."

Ciel Dasani represents the introduction of a "functional" beverage for the first time in Mexico and for the first time on a national scale.

Additionally, Coca-Cola Mexico also launched Minute Maid, its international trademark for juice-based beverages. The range includes Minute Maid Revita and Minute Maid Nutri+.

Finally, Coca-Cola has redefined its "diet" products under the banner of Spacio Leve.

The Spacio Leve range includes: Coca-Cola Light; Coca-Cola Citra Light; Fanta Free; Fresca 1; Manzana Lift Ligera; Ciel Aquarius Jamaica Sun; Nestea Limón Light; and Sprite 0.

Coca-Cola's director of flavour trademarks, Ernesto Suzan, said: "With Spacio Leve, we want to capitalise on and take advantage of the growth in the market's diet-beverages sector. In this area, consumers are always seeking more options; we already have Coca-Cola Light and Sprite 0 among our carbonated beverages, and Nestea Light as a ready-to-drink tea beverage. Spacio Leve offers a full range of calorie-free carbonated and non-carbonated beverages with a wide variety of flavours."

The launch of this new portfolio is part of the strategy followed by Coca-Cola Mexico to  become the leader of non-alcoholic beverages. To achieve this, the company is investing about US$620m dollars in marketing and infrastructure this year.