Coca-Cola has been asked to extend its guidelines in US schools to Canada. The company, however, has said that the extension is unnecessary.

Canadian Education Minister Christy Clark would like Coke to include Canadian schools in its plans to reduce the sale of carbonated soft drinks in US schools in response to concerns about childhood obesity. In an interview, Clark said: "If Coca-Cola thinks these guidelines are good for American schools, I'm sure we can persuade them that all of these guidelines are good for Canadian students, too."

Coca-Cola feels that such an extension is not necessary. Janice Harrington, public affairs manager with Coca-Cola Bottling in Calgary, said some guidelines already exist in Canada "in spirit." For example, she said the company already discourages soft drink sales in Canadian elementary schools, does not advertise on textbooks or other products used in Canadian classrooms and is in the process of changing vending machine logos.