Coca-Cola Enterprises has commenced tender offers for its outstanding 7.125% notes due 2009 and 6.125% notes due 2011.

The notes are subject to the offer to purchase made in October this year and related a letter of transmittal, stating the purchase price for US$1,000 worth of 2009 notes will be based on a fixed spread of 0.3% over the yield to maturity. The price for US$1,000 of 2011 notes will be based on a fixed spread of 0.45%.

The offers will expire at 5pm ET, on 20 December, unless offers are extended or earlier terminated. Payment for tendered notes and unpaid interest up to the date of payment of these notes will be paid for in same-day funds promptly following the expiration of the offers.

Payment will be made on 21 December, the company concluded.