Rémy Cointreau has secured the services of self-styled femme fatale Dita Von Teese as the worldwide brand ambassador for its Cointreau liqueur.

The French company said today (11 September) that it has signed a deal with Von Teese initally for two years. Specific details of what the role requires of Von Teese were not disclosed.

"We are delighted to have sealed such a relationship with Dita Von Teese," said Justin Weston, Cointreau's international director. "She is a magnificent woman who combines elegance and extreme refinement with a certain daring sensuality. I cannot wait to reveal the ideas that emerged from our partnership discussions."

Von Teese added: "For me, Cointreau is a quintessentially French brand, a product which transcends fashions and trends. It is true that we were made to join forces around a cocktail glass."

In July, Rémy Cointreau posted an 11% lift in sales for the quarter to the end of June, thanks primarily to its Cognac division. Sales hit EUR158.7m (US$219.4m) for the period.