The Cognac board has again announced record sales figures, this time for 180m bottles sold in the 12 month period from to October, the most ever sold in that period since the creation of the appellation in 1936.
"I am very pleased with the figures, and with the fact that we are seeing a balanced market with sales up in America, Europe and Asia," said Jerome Durand of the Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac (BNIC).
"It is not like in the 90's when we relied on the Japanese market, and then suffered from the local financial crisis," Durand said.
Sales for the period in value terms were up 7.6% to the US, Canada and Mexico, totalling 60m bottles in volume terms, 16.4% in Europe, also to 60m bottles, and 7.2% to Asia, at 38.5m bottles. Strong sales in China accounted for 76% increase in value.