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Cognac Frapin's Plume Frapin

Category - Spirits, Cognac

Available - From this month

Location - Globally

Price - In UK, SRP of GBP2,695 (US$4,235) per unit, limited to 500 bottles

Distribution - In UK, McKinley Vintners

Cognac Frapin has released a limited edition, high-end Cognac expression, which has been produced exclusively from Ugni Blanc grapes grown in the Grande Champagne domain of the Cognac region. The spirit has been aged for “over 60 years”, the company said.

Late last year, Frapin launched Multimillesime No 5, another limited edition iteration.

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Cognac Frapin is launching a limited edition prestige Cognac, produced from some 20 eaux-de-vie, each produced exclusively from the Ugni Blanc variety, grown in the domain's 240 hectares in Grande Champagne. Plume Frapin has been aged for over 60 years in antique barrels and stored in the Pierre Frapin cellars at Chateau Fontpinot.

In homage to the family history, stretching back as far as 1270, and the famous French scribe Francois Rabelais, son of Antoine Rabelais and Anne-Catherine Frapin, imagery of quills was selected to adorn its packaging.

This Premier Cru cognac has perfect balance: On tasting it reveals notes of candied fruits (oranges, apricots and figs, plus liquorice) while its strong and complex bouquet reveals woody aromas in the mouth, reflecting its vivid amber hue.

"When you have a heritage as rich as ours, it is natural to pay homage to your illustrious ancestors," says Jean-Pierre Cointreau, CEO of Cognac Frapin, who can trace his lineage back to the 13th Century. "This new cognac is a real testament them, to our superb terroir and the skill of blending by our cellar master."

Rose golden pewter with 18-carat rose gold has been used for Plume Frapin's elegant carafe, which is also topped with an ornate stopper featuring two interlaced quills. This exceptional cuvée is produced in a limited series of only 500 numbered bottles and will retail for around £2695.

Cognac Frapin is distributed exclusively in the UK by McKinley Vintners.

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