The Coca-Cola's Swedsh unit, Coca-Cola Sweden AB, the owner of the Swedish still drink MER, said it will start bottling the drink in cans, thus paving the way for export sales of Sweden's leading still drink.

There is a great demand for still drinks and this is a good sollution to increase sales," Richard Sjöberg, information officer at Coca-Cola Sweden said.

According to Sjöberg, sales of MER show an annual increases of more than 20%. And with MER bottled in cans, the drink can now be distributed with the company´s other products through its network of about 5,000 automatic soda venders.

Sjöberg also acknowledged tapping MER into cans would open the possibilities for export sales.

"Nothing is decided yet, but on the other hand, it could not be excluded. Following the success of MER, naturally other countries interests increases."