Drinks giant Coca-Cola has announced that it intends to launch four vitamin enriched water drinks in the US. Initially the products will be launched in several test markets. However, long-term success will depend upon the drinks becoming a stable part of consumers' health and beauty 'regimes'.

Drinks giant Coca-Cola is to launch four vitamins-enriched waters under its Dasani brand in the US. The new waters, called NutriWater, are due to be launched by the end of the year, possibly in New York, which is on the firm's short list of test markets.

The vitamin-enriched range of waters highlight the firm's attempt to add a tangible point of difference to its water drinks. The reason being is that brand loyalty amongst US consumers for bottled waters is low.

But turning water into a nutraceutical product is not a sure-fire method of increasing brand loyalty. Nutraceuticals are an emerging market, and many consumers remain unconvinced about the benefits.

For nutraceuticals to be successful they will need to build trust to become part of consumers' health and beauty regimes, or regular patterns of behaviour. To achieve this, manufacturers need to demonstrate that their goods provide effective results over a period of regular use, and that they target adopters of regimes in the first place.

Targeting consumers who follow regimes has been long established and is highly effective, for example in skincare and haircare. The result of this has been that many consumers now see following a regime as an effective technique that can be used to improve general well being.

This is helping the nutraceuticals market to grow, and NutriWater is just one of a number of drinks trying to compete for market share.

Nutraceuticals, or any product, that become part of a consumer's regime benefit from higher brand loyalty as the consumer is often "locked" into a set pattern of use.

For waters, higher brand loyalty can be achieved by becoming parts of consumers' regimes, but only if consumers are convinced that there are tangible health benefits to prolonged and regular use.

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