Coca-Cola is the UK's biggest grocery brand by sales and brand value, according to a new survey.

The brand hit the number one spot in a league table for the top 100 grocery brands in the UK by value, a list complied by business consultancy Intangible Business and published last week. 

Coca-Cola recorded sales of GBP1.15bn (US$2bn) in 2007.

However, although its sales increased slightly, its brand value fell by 1%. This was partly due to its brand strength rating falling by 2% and the total market for carbonated soft drinks reaching maturity, Intangible Business said.

Lucozade took the bronze medal with sales of GBP457m, knocking Cadbury Dairy Milk off the number three spot.

The value of the Lucozade brand increased 14% in 2008, with its brand score up 11%. The range of product flavours, variants and formats combined with consistent association with sports differentiates it from the competition, enabled it to dominate the functional sports and energy drinks sector.

Robinson made it to number seven with sales of GBP354m, while Red Bull moved three places to reach number nine with sales of GBP267m.

Some of the biggest movers included Innocent, which jumped 16 places to number 32 after a 47% rise in sales, and Capri Sun, which moved up 15 places to number 78 following a 24% increase in sales.

Stuart Whitwell, joint managing director of Intangible Business, said: "If, as expected, major supermarkets bring in more lines of own label products to compete with discount retailers, 2009 will see a fierce battle of brand owners.

"We have seen examples of this in 2008 with Princes losing out to John West, Coke increasing market share over Pepsi and Warburtons firmly establishing itself as the number one provider of baked goods. This will only get worse."