Coca-Cola FEMSAs dispute with its workers has now been resolved

Coca-Cola FEMSA's dispute with its workers has now been resolved

A strike at Coca-Cola FEMSA's largest soft drinks facility in Venezuela has ended.

In mid-January, around 1,000 workers at the Coca-Cola FEMSA plant in Valencia went on strike over pay and contract terms. The move had threatened to cause shortages of Coca-Cola drinks in Venezuela, with the plant accounting for around half of the company's volumes in the country.

Coca-Cola FEMSA accused trade unions at the time of demanding salaries for workers that would jeopardise its business in the country.

However, the soft drinks bottler confirmed late last week that the 28-day strike had ended following the signing of a collective agreement.

"The new contract represents an important step in reaffirming the commitment of Coca-Cola FEMSA with their workers in the country and its inevitable goal of maintaining a continuous improvement of wages, as well as socio-economic benefits the company offers their workers," said Coca-Cola FEMSA's director of legal and corporate affairs, Rodrigo Anzola.

The firm said it hopes to resume normal operations and "build optimal levels of inventory" at the plant in the coming weeks.