Consolidated constant territory volume increased 3 percent in the second quarter of 2000. Second-quarter 2000 net income per common share was 30 cents, excluding the nonrecurring charge. Coca-Cola Enterprises today announced that second-quarter 2000 cash operating profit(a) was $696 million, and net income applicable to common shareowners was $122 million, or 29 cents per common share. Second-quarter 2000 results were impacted by a nonrecurring charge of $12 million, related to restructuring of the Company's operations in Great Britain. Adjusting for the nonrecurring charge and the second-quarter 1999 product recall charge of $103 million, the comparable cash operating profit growth rate was 5 percent. Second-quarter 2000 results were negatively impacted by currency translations that reduced the cash operating profit growth rate by approximately 1 percent.