Coca-Cola Enterprises has outlined a number of goals it has set itself in a bid to reduce its carbon footprint by 15% by 2020.

The group's five strategic 'corporate responsibility and sustainability' (CRS) focus areas (Commitment 2020), include establishing a water-sustainable operation to minimise water usage and maximising the use of renewable packaging, the company said yesterday (22 July).

"Even during difficult economic times, our commitment to CRS has never been stronger, and our quantifiable Commitment 2020 goals demonstrate the progress we are making on our journey," said John Brock, chairman and CEO. "We have been recognised as a CRS leader in the global Coca-Cola system, and by embedding CRS into every aspect of our business, we are working to meet or exceed the expectations of our retail customers and consumers."

CCE also reiterated its participation in the US Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Climate Leaders programme, an industry-government partnership that works to develop climate change strategies.

The group said it has pledged to reduce its company-wide greenhouse gas emissions and will annually report its progress to the EPA.

Last month CCE signed a deal with Capri Sun to distribute its namesake drinks brand across the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg.