Coca-Cola Cos Aquarius Vive flavours

Coca-Cola Co's Aquarius Vive flavours

The Coca-Cola Co's Aquarius Vive flavours

Category - Soft drinks, CSDs, functional drinks

Available - From last month

Location - Spain

Price - TBC

The Coca-Cola Co's Spanish arm has launched two Aquarius Vive flavours - Lemon-Lime and Tropical - as it looks to move the brand away from sports drinks.

"Aquarius... [started out] linked to the world of sports drinks. In a natural way, the consumer has pulled out of this area and has adapted to other times of consumption. With Aquarius Vive we want to promote the natural movement of the consumer," said Danae Blanco, senior brand manager for Aquarius.

The new flavours took two years to develop, according to the company. "We tested many prototypes," said Blanco, adding that Lemon-Lime and Tropical scored highly among Spanish consumers. 

The Aquarius range contains a source of zinc and vitamin B3 as well as baobab extract. The boabab, native to Africa, is known as the "tree of life".

Aquarius Tropical contains 18 calories per 100ml. 

Earlier this month, Coca-Cola unveiled its Rio Olympics global ad campaign, which is set to star some of the world's top athletes.