Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated today said soft drink industry veteran William B. Elmore, Jr. has been named President and Chief Operating Officer of the nation's second largest Coca-Cola bottler. Elmore will replace President James L. Moore, Jr., who will become Vice Chairman, on January 1, 2001.

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Chairman and Chief Executive Officer J. Frank Harrison, III, praised Elmore's leadership and sales/marketing expertise. "Bill is an experienced professional and an outstanding leader," he said. "He has a depth of knowledge in every aspect of the Coca-Cola business and has the ability and character to lead this company into the 21st Century."

Harrison applauded Moore, 58, for his many contributions to the Charlotte- based Company. "I believe Jim Moore is the best operator in the soft drink industry and I am grateful for his outstanding leadership over the last 13 years," Harrison said. Moore will serve as a key advisor in his new role as Vice Chairman and will continue as a member of the Board of Directors.

Moore said he is pleased with the change in responsibilities within the Company. "I look forward to working with Frank and Bill on strategic issues in my new role as Vice Chairman," he said. "I am fully confident that the timing of this transition is right for me personally and for the Company."

Chairman Emeritus J. Frank Harrison, Jr. also praised Moore for his long and distinguished career in the soft drink industry. "Jim Moore led this company out of difficult times in the mid-1980s and played a critical role in the exponential growth Coca-Cola Consolidated experienced in the 1990s. I salute him for his vision, his work ethic and most of all for his principled leadership," Harrison said.

Elmore, 44, is a 23-year Coca-Cola veteran whose experience includes marketing, sales, business systems and finance. He began his career with The Coca-Cola Company in 1977 and joined Coca-Cola Consolidated in 1985. He has served as director of corporate marketing, Charlotte sales center manager, West Virginia division vice president, treasurer, chief information officer and leader of the Company's value chain redesign initiative.

Elmore says he is looking forward to the challenges of his new job and is excited about the opportunity. "We have a solid foundation, a focused vision, a powerful value system and a high performance culture," he said. "This company has always been an innovator and I plan to continue to seek better, more efficient ways to manufacture, market and deliver the world's best soft drinks. More than anything, our continued success will be due to our team of hardworking, results oriented employees."

Like CEO Harrison, Elmore can trace his Coca-Cola roots back to the earliest days of Coca-Cola entrepreneurship. He is a third generation Coke bottler whose family owned and operated Coca-Cola franchises in South Alabama. Elmore has a degree in economics from Emory University and received his MBA at Duke's Fuqua School of Business. He and his wife, Ellie, have two children.

The company also announced that Chief Financial Officer David V. Singer, 45, is being promoted to Executive Vice President.

"We will be asking Dave Singer to expand his role in vital areas of the business as we move forward," CEO Harrison said. Singer will continue as company CFO. "Dave has already proven his outstanding abilities in the financial arena and we believe his leadership will be a key asset in an expanded role."

Singer has served as Chief Financial Officer since 1987 and has played a pivotal role in building the company's financial strength. He holds both a BS in marketing and an MBA from The Pennsylvania State University. Singer and his wife, Barbara, have two children.

Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated
At a Glance

* Corporate Offices in Charlotte, NC

* Sales Territories in 10 states across the Southeast

* Second Largest Coca-Cola Bottler in the United States

* 1999 Sales $1.3 billion

* 1999 Cases Sold 260 million

* Manufacturing Facilities
Charlotte, NC; Nashville, TN; Mobile, AL; Roanoke VA;
and Bishopville, SC

* Sales and Distribution Centers
North Carolina 27
South Carolina 11
Virginia 10
West Virginia 10
Tennessee 7
Georgia 4
Alabama 4
Mississippi 3
Florida 1

* Number of Employees
Total Approximately 6,000
North and South Carolina 3,400
North Carolina 2,400
South Carolina 900

(All Information Includes Piedmont Coca-Cola Bottling Partnership)

Biographical Information

William B. Elmore, Jr.
President and Chief Operating Officer
Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated
(Effective January 1, 2001)

Work Experience
Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated
1999-2000 VP, Value Chain
1998 VP, Business Systems
1996-97 VP, Treasurer
1992-1995 VP, Region Manager (WV, VA, TN, AL divisions)
1989-1991 VP, Division Manager, West Virginia
1988 Director, Corporate Marketing
1987 General Manager, Charlotte sales center
1985-86 Director, Marketing and Trade Development, Southern Division

The Coca-Cola Company
1977-1985 various field sales positions, Coca-Cola USA

Emory University, B.A. Economics (1977)
Duke University, M.B.A. (1997)

Married, Ellie, and two children, Craig and Jack

David V. Singer
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated
(effective January 1, 2001)

Work Experience
Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated
1986 VP, Treasurer
1987-Present VP, Chief Financial Officer

Mellon Bank
1979-1986 Corporate Banking

The Pennsylvania State University, B.S. (1977) and M.B.A. (1979)

Married, Barbara, and two children, Brian and Andrew