Coca-Cola Consolidated (Nasdaq: COKE), in an example of its "can-do" attitude, just made things more convenient for its customers. Their popular Dasani water will now be available in 12-ounce aluminum cans in addition to plastic 20-ounce, 1-liter and .5 liter bottles.Dasani, which first went on the market in April of 1999, is a purified water enhanced with minerals for a pure fresh taste. It has been one of the most successful new brands in recent years for Coca-Cola Consolidated."We have been thrilled with our customers' reaction to Dasani thus far," said Coca-Cola Consolidated spokesman Lauren Steele. "We think our customers would like greater choice in packaging of this refreshing product. We are pleased to be the first Coca-Cola bottler to offer Dasani in aluminum cans.""Dasani provides our customers with a moment to replenish both body and mind," according to Steele. "Life takes a lot out of you. Dasani helps put it back in."Dasani will be available in 12 pack cans and in individual servings in vending machines throughout Coca-Cola Consolidated's 12-state selling territories beginning July 17, 2000. The Charlotte-based company is the nation's second largest Coca-Cola Bottler.