Coca-Cola has acquired a stake in US drinks company Brain-Twist.

The company's North American unit confirmed yesterday (4 September) that it has bought a 20% share of the New York-based drinks company for an undisclosed amount.

The purchase is the first move by the recently-formed Venturing and Emerging Brands Business Unit at Coca-Cola North America, created earlier this year to look at opportunities in emerging beverage categories in North America.

"Our new partnership with Brain-Twist provides important advantages to Coca-Cola North America and our bottling partners, including access to a pipeline of innovative ideas and products," said Deryck van Rensburg, the unit's president and general manager. "I believe this new partnership also will act as a catalyst for our own significant innovation and incubation efforts, and the combination of the two will return much more value than either could separately."

Formed by former Larry Trachtenbroit in 2004 after he left Coca-Cola, Brain-Twist's portfolio includes 'Defense', a canned drink in which the vitamins and minerals are kept separate until the can is opened, and 'Fair Warning', available in aluminium cans that leaves hot or cold sensations in the mouth.