Coca-Cola Co has released a bottle for its trademark brand made entirely out of ice.

The frozen bottles, which are only available in Colombia, are made in special moulds to resemble the traditional Coca-Cola glass bottle, Coca-Cola said. The bottles are then filled with Coca-Cola and transported to beachside bars, where the company claims on its website they have made “quite a splash”.

A red Coke-logoed band stops consumers getting cold fingers and doubles as a keepsake once the bottle melts, the company added.

Coca-Cola said the bottles are an “experiment” and has no plans to roll them out further.

However, the group has been using packaging innovation across its markets to help rejuvenate interest in its core brand, as CSD sales continue to fall in developed regions.

The group launched personalised Coke labels in Australia, an idea that this year moved to Europe, and last month it unveiled a “shareable can” that splits into two

It is also rolling-out a "slimline" 25cl can across Europe, the company announced this week.