Coca-Cola has launched hip-hop Sprite packaging

Coca-Cola has launched hip-hop Sprite packaging

The Coca-Cola Co has rolled out 16 limited edition Sprite pack designs to pay homage to hip-hop stars.

The brand has supported hip-hop since 1986, when it featured rapper Kurtis Blow in its TV commercial.

The first edition of the Sprite "Obey your Verse" collection features lyrics from rap stars Drake, Nas, The Notorious BIG and Rakim. Each artist's lyrics will appear on cans and bottles throughout the US until the end of summer.

Kimberly Paige, vice president, Sprite brands and flavours, Coca-Cola North America said: "By honouring and recognising great lyricism from some of the genre's biggest icons on our product packaging, we're demonstrating how Sprite continues to support hip-hop artists that remain true to themselves."

The campaign will be supported by out-of-home and digital advertising.

Earlier this year, Coca-Cola Co brought back its Lebron James Sprite.