The Contour bottle was first introduced in 1916

The Contour bottle was first introduced in 1916

The Coca-Cola Co has branded an Australian court's decision to side with PepsiCo in a battle over a disputed glass bottle design as “extremely disappointing”. 

A federal court judge in Adelaide last month reportedly ordered Coca-Cola to pay PepsiCo's legal costs for the unsuccessful three-year challenge against the Pepsi Carolina bottle, which Coca-Cola had argued was “deceptively similar” to its Contour bottle. The judge ruled there had been no copyright infringement, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

In a statement to just-drinks today, a Coca-Cola spokesperson said the company always looks to protect its intellectual property as they are “among our most valuable assets”. “The judgement is extremely disappointing,” the spokesperson said.

Coca-Cola will review the ruling before considering “our next steps”, the spokesperson added. 

PepsiCo has not responded to a request for comment.

The case was first brought to court in 2011