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The Coca-Cola Co has confirmed to just-drinks the launch of mid-calorie Coca-Cola Life in Argentina, the latest move in a burgeoning sweetener race with rival PepsiCo.

Coca-Cola Life is sweetened with stevia and sugar and contains 64 calories per 12oz serving, a Coca-Cola spokesperson said today (27 June). Coca-Cola did not respond to a question asking if Coca-Cola Life is only for the Argentinian market.

The launch follows comments from PepsiCo head Indra Nooyi, who in February said the company is developing new sweeteners and flavourings that could “alter the trajectory of the cola business”. Last month, she said carbonated soft drinks may have just three years to win back US consumers before they abandon the category.

CSD sales are falling in developed markets such as the US and companies are experimenting with sweeteners to try to lower calories without changing taste. In March, Coca-Cola announced a stevia-sweetened Sprite for the UK, and last year PepsiCo unveiled Pepsi Next.