The Coca-Cola Co. has been asked by national campaigners to reveal the source of its Dasani brand bottled water in the US.

Corporate Accountability International and its regional partners yesterday (6 November) demanded that the soft drinks giant follows its rival Pepsi in disclosing to consumers the origin of its bottled water.

Gigi Kellett, national campaign director for Think Outside the Bottle said: "If Coke can pay for the ink to write 'crisp, fresh taste' on its Dasani bottles, it can certainly afford to print 'Public Water Source' on its bottles, too. There is no reason Coke cannot meet the bar Pepsi has set by agreeing to give consumers basic information about the source of its water."

Polaris Institute director and author of Blue Gold, Tony Clarke added: "The reality is corporations, like Coke, create a market for their products by casting doubt on the quality of tap water. Bottled water is, in fact, subject to less regulatory scrutiny and, in the case of Dasani, comes from the same source."

The mounting pressure on Coca-Cola to disclose this information has been spurred by the recent movement to 'think outside the bottle' - a pledge made by figures of authority, restaurateurs, celebrities, and national organisations to choose tap water instead of bottled water, the pressure groups said.

No-one was immediately available for comment at Coca-Cola.