The Energy Resources Institute (TERI) of India has cleared Coca-Cola India of allegations that its manufacturing plants were polluting nearby water resources.

"The TERI report confirms that we meet Indian regulations and on an overall basis, the Coca-Cola Company's standards are often more stringent. However, it identified some areas where we can do better," said Atul Singh, CEO and president of Coke India, earlier this week.

No pesticides were found in any of the intake water and treated water used to make beverages, according to the report compiled after a 16-month investigation at six of the company's manfacturing plants.

R. K. Pachauri, a UN climate scientist who headed the investigation, confirmed the company's plants were in compliance with Indian environmental regulations.

US-based NGO Meridian Institute had recommended TERI to Coca-Cola to conduct the independent audit following concerns voiced by student groups at the University of Michigan about water resource management and reports of pesticide residues in products.