Coca-Cola India has claimed that its bottled water brand, Kinley, has taken over as the market leader from the established Bisleri brand. The company said it achieved a market share of 35.1% against Bisleri's 34.4% in July though the claims have been refuted by Bisleri's owner, Ramesh Chauhan.

"The national retail stores audit by ORG-MARG for the period ended July 31, 2002, put Kinley's market share at 35.1% compared to Bisleri's 34.4%, ending the latter's 20-year run as the country's top packaged drinking water brand," Coca-Cola said in a statement. The statement also said that the figures showed a decline in the market share of PepsiCo's Aquafina brand to 12.4%.

However, Ramesh Chauhan, dismissed the ORG-MARG figures as inaccurate, saying that Bisleri still outsold Kinley by a margin of four to one. "Let me assure you that the figures are fudged," he said. "We had subscribed to ORG-MARG a few years ago, and they couldn't even get our internal figures right. Let me tell you that we outsell Kinley by a four to one margin."

Coke has countered by standing by the ORG-MARG data. "This is a retail study of the market conducted by an agency whose reputation cannot be doubted, it is part of the A.C. Nielsen network; how can you contest these numbers?" a senior Coke official was quoted as saying.