CCA has welcomed the court ruling

CCA has welcomed the court ruling

Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA) has vowed to cuts its prices in Australia after a court rejected a government recycling scheme. 

The company, along with Schweppes and Lion, had made a legal application to have the Northern Territory (NT) scheme – known as “cash for cans” - deemed invalid. And, in a ruling today (4 March) Australia’s Federal Court agreed that the scheme should be abandoned. 

The initiative had involved customers paying a AUD0.10 (US$0.10) deposit on cans, which was refunded when returned. 

In statement today, CCA heralded the court decision. It added: “This paves the way for us to reduce prices to our customers in the Northern Territory and to give the public time to get back the deposits they have paid. 

“We will be reducing our prices as soon as possible and will keep them down until such time as any government action forces us to put them back up.”

However, according to reports, the NT Government plans to appeal the court's decision

CCA said it supports recycling, but concluded: “Australian families do not deserve to be slugged with yet another cost of living increase that will push grocery prices up when there are cheaper and equally effective alternatives on the table."