Cobra Beer has united with Khoday India Limited (KIL) and Artos Brewery a brewing and bottling deal in the South Indian market.

The agreement, which will see Bangalore-based KIL and Andra Padesh-based Artos teaming up with the brewer is set to raise the company's presence in the South Indian market, which occupies approximately 50% of India's total beer consumption.

Indian beer consumption grew by 27% last year and is projected to grow at around 15% annually. Cobra is bullish on selling 15m cases a year compared with its target of 3m cases at the end of this financial year.

Cobra Beer India COO Poonam Chandel said: "The demand in South India, especially Bangalore has a lot of potential and we hope to meet that demand through this strategic alliance."

Cobra's sales in India have grown 600% year-on-year, and the company will now have a total of nine production units.