Clearly Canadian Beverage Corporation (TSE:CLV.; NASDAQ:CCBC) today announced that it has achieved significant new listings for its recently launched lemon-ginger drink, Tré Limone.

US Listings

Stop N shop, one of the largest grocers in New England, now carries new Tré Limone in all of its 199 stores. The new listing will be supported by advertising for the brand in Stop N Shop's grocery flyers.

The Bi-Lo supermarket chain now offers Tré Limone at 295 stores in the Southern United States.

Central Markets in Austin, Texas will feature 110 case displays of new Tré Limone in each of its upscale supermarkets.

Albertsons stores in Colorado will feature Tré Limone in its 54 locations in the region.

Canada Listings

Nationally, all 489 7-Eleven convenience stores have listed Tré Limone in both regular and diet versions.

New Tré Limone can now be purchased at over 200 Canada Safeway supermarkets in the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

"We think this is one of the more exciting launches this year in alternative beverages which is reflected in the growing number of new listings the brand is receiving. Obtaining these listings is an important step in placing Tré Limone onto store shelves and in front of North American consumers," said Douglas L. Mason, President and C.E.O. for Clearly Canadian Beverage Corporation.

Tré Limone is a sparkling lemon-ginger drink with a light refreshing flavour and a distinct, warming aftertaste. Inspired by European café sodas, and combined with the mystique of the Orient, Tré Limone is made with lemon juice, natural flavours and a blend of ginger and spices. Tré Limone is available in both regular and a diet version made with sucralose and Ace-k (acesulfame pottasium).

Based in Vancouver, B.C., Clearly Canadian is a leading producer of premium beverages, including Clearly Canadian® sparkling flavoured water, Clearly Canadian O+2® and Tré Limone(tm), which are distributed extensively in the United States, Canada and numerous countries worldwide. Clearly Canadian also holds the license to manufacture and distribute Battery® in the United States and Canada and the distribution rights to distribute Jamaican Gold® in North America. Clearly Canadian also owns CC Beverage (U.S.) Corporation, a Washington State company, which produces and distributes Cascade Clear(tm) and Clearly Canadian products in the United States and other countries as well as co-packing for other manufacturers' brands. CC Beverage also operates a home/office water delivery business in the U.S. Pacific Northwest. Additional information on Clearly Canadian and CC Beverage may be obtained on the world wide web at


Signed "Douglas L. Mason"

President, C.E.O. and Chairman

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