Clearly Canadian Beverage Corporation (TSE: CLV; NASDAQ: CCBC) today announced an agreement to launch a "co-branded tuner" with Spike Internet Radio, Inc., providing a web streamed music link to Clearly Canadian's websites.

"We're excited about this relationship with Spike Internet Radio that will heighten our website visitors' experience by providing music while they are surfing the internet. This is a new marketing initiative for our brands that links them with an international on-line partner reaching a vast target audience," said Jonathan Cronin, VP Marketing for CC Beverage (U.S.) Corporation (Clearly Canadian's US operating subsidiary).

To enhance consumer awareness, Clearly Canadian will produce over two million specially branded caps for its redesigned Clearly Canadian sparkling flavoured water and its new Tré Limone, with the Spike Internet Radio logo and internet address printed on the top. Specially marked bottles will be distributed to customers throughout the United States.

Spike Internet Radio, Inc. has designed a co-branded tuner that offers visitors to the, and websites the opportunity to listen to popular alternative rock music provided by an audio stream through the site. Vistors to the Company's websites will be able to link to the Spike audio stream by clicking on the Spike logo on the 'What's New' page located on each of the three sites. The Spike website will also feature a logoed link to the site on its 'Cool Thing' page.

Ashley Farr, President and Founder of Spike Internet Radio, Ltd. said: "We are delighted to work with one of North America's leading new age beverage manufacturers on this joint effort. Our ability to provide custom-branded and custom-programmed music channels on the Internet allows us to deliver some of the world's richest streaming music programming to clients like Clearly Canadian."

About Spike Internet Radio, Inc.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Spike Internet Radio, Inc. is a turnkey provider of streaming media services geared toward the Internet, television and other media, with a focus on music. Spike Internet Radio creates, produces and delivers streaming music programming, serving both business an consumer markets. Through Spike Internet Radio, businesses have the ability to broadcast custom-branded and custom-programmed music channels on the Internet. The new website offers a choice of over ten music channels programmed by genre, language or lifestyle, music video on demand and a music TV show for mid to broadband consumption. Spike Internet Radio, Inc. is a subsidiary of Spike Networks Limited.

About Clearly Canadian

Based in Vancouver, B.C., Clearly Canadian is a leading producer of premium beverages, including Clearly Canadian® sparkling flavoured water, Clearly Canadian O+2® and Tré Limone™, which are distributed extensively in the United States, Canada and numerous countries worldwide. Clearly Canadian also owns CC Beverage (U.S.) Corporation, a Washington State company, which produces and distributes Cascade Clear™ and Clearly Canadian products in the United States and other countries as well as co-packing for other manufacturers' brands. CC Beverage also operates a home/office water delivery business in the U.S. Pacific Northwest. Additional information on Clearly Canadian and CC Beverage may be obtained on the world wide web at