Clearly Canadian Beverage Corporation (Nasdaq:CCBC; TSE:CLV) today announced that it has added significant listings with major customers in key consumer North American markets for its newly redesigned Clearly Canadian® sparkling flavoured water. Clearly Canadian packaged in a 14 oz glass bottle with a bold new shrink-sleeve label has now been listed in 501 7-Eleven and 312 Circle K convenience stores in Florida. In Washington State, new Clearly Canadian can now be purchased at 36 Brown and Cole stores and 24 Hagen Food Stores. In Washington and Idaho, 74 Albertson's have increased their listings to include all seven flavours of new Clearly Canadian. In Canada, Clearly Canadian has expanded its listings at two leading national chains. Consumers can now choose from five regular and 2 diet versions of new Clearly Canadian at 212 Safeway supermarkets and 480 7-Eleven convenience stores from British Columbia to Ontario.