Soft drinks producer Clearly Canadian Beverage Corporation has agreed a listing for its Clearly Canadian sparkling flavoured water at Albertsons, the large food and drug retailers.

Effective immediately, three flavours of Clearly Canadian sparkling water have been authorised for sale at over 300 Albertsons stores located in southern California and Nevada. Clearly Canadian's distributor, Seven UP/RC Bottling Company, will begin distributing Blackberry, Cherry and Strawberry Melon Clearly Canadian to Albertsons grocery stores in the region.

"We attribute this major grocery chain listing with Albertsons to Seven UP/RC Bottling Company's strong selling efforts for our brand and to their well-established presence in this territory. We expect that this listing will significantly increase the exposure of Clearly Canadian to our consumers and should provide a solid distribution base for our brand in the grocery store channel in this key selling region," said Kevin Doran, senior vice president of marketing and sales, Clearly Canadian Beverage Corporation.