The Bordeaux wine producers' association the Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux (CIVB) is to run a wine education course targeted particularly at British women.

The CIVB says its Ecole du Vin has designed the course "to cater for the wine-loving woman's every need".

Participants in the event, which will run over weekends in September and October, will be given in-depth instruction in wine appreciation, learning "everything they need from how to taste wine, to how to choose wine in a restaurant or entertain at home with hints on understanding what each region has to offer".

They will also be taught how to match Bordeaux wines with foods and how to prepare regional specialities. The course will be hosted by British wine tutor and Bordeaux resident Wendy Narby.

Lectures on wine and health will be given by oncologist Dr Anne-Marie Dauriac, while students will also be entertained at lunches or tastings at various Bordeaux chateaux with female owners or winemakers.

"An important percentage of wine purchases are made by women, and women are keen to learn more," said Annick Martinez, director of the CIVB's Ecole du Vin. "We are aiming this course at younger women with a growing interest in wine or in travel to our wonderful region. This weekend will make Bordeaux accessible and enjoyable, hosted by some of the most dynamic young women winemakers in Bordeaux."