The fruit juice producer, Citrus World Inc., which makes the Florida's Natural brand of orange juice, has denied claims of label violations made by PepsiCo-owned Tropicana Inc. Tropicana filed a lawsuit against Citrus World on September 11, alleging that Florida's Natural is mislabeled with regard to the origin of the juice.

However, Citrus World, a grower-owned co-operative, countered by saying that Tropicana uses Brazilian orange juice in some of its products while not making that clear on the label. In a press statement, the co-op said that all its products are labeled properly.

Tropicana lodged its lawsuit at the same time as the US Patent and Trademark Office rejected a claim on a November 2000 patent that gave Tropicana exclusive use of four new varieties of oranges. The agency said the technology the juice producer wished to patent is common practice in the juice business.