The diversified Venezuelan company, Cisneros Group, has said that it hopes the Peruvian brewer, Backus & Johnston, in which it owns a 22.5% stake, would begin exporting beer to Venezuela next year. Cisneros said the Backus beer could be imported through Cisneros' own brewing subsidiary, Cerveceria Regional.

The announcement marks the latest round in Cisneros' battle with Venezuela's leading brewer, Empresas Polar, over the ownership of Backus. Polar has accused Cisneros of colluding with the Colombian brewer, Bavaria, in a bid to control Backus without launching a full public offer. Peruvian regulators are investigating this claim as well as a counter allegation by Bavaria that Polar had raised its stake in Backus beyond the 25% limit without launching a public offer. Polar has denied the allegation.

Cisneros' beer subsidiary in Venezuela, Cerveceria Regional, has around 26% of the Venezuelan beer market compared with Polar's 64%.