Chongqing Coca-Cola Beverages Co., Ltd. has gone into production. The new bottling company began production on Monday (5 September) in Chongqing, the biggest industrial city on the upper reaches of the river Yangtze.

Chongqing Coca-Cola Beverages Co Ltd. is jointly-financed by Kerry Beverages Service Ltd. of Hong Kong and Chengdu Huajin Group of Sichuan Province at a cost of US$11.5m.

Covering an area of 4.4 hectares, the new bottling plant is capable of producing 100,000 tons of Coca Cola beverage product series annually, Paul Etchells, division president of Coca-Cola (China) Beverages Ltd, told news service Xinhuanet yesterday.

Coca-Cola has so far built 29 bottling companies, plus 35 production workshops across China and holds half the country's soft drink market share, the news service noted.