Speaking at the first China International Grape Wine Grand Meeting, the director general of China International Light Industry, Chen Shi-neng announced that the country's wine industry had undergone a three pronged overhaul.

The industry said Shi-neng, which has more than 40 joint ventures with international wine producers and has also introduced around 30 grape varieties, has seen three significant changes with the structural adjustments and upgrading. These were the move from grain to fruit flavoured wines, a change from high to low proof products and a shift in production methods from distilled to zymotic type.

Shi-neng went on to say that the industry has continued to grow and has acquired more sophisticated equipment, adopted modern technology and improved product quality.

The total yearly output in China is approximately 300,000 tons, and the biggest grape-planting base in mainland China is Qinhuangdao, home to 22 wine factories, and 25% of the national wine production.

Held in the Hebei province, northeast China, the International Grape Wine Grand Meeting was attended by hundreds of wine producers, wine-making manufacturers, dealers, grape planting technicians and wine specialists.