Cognac producer Camus is to stock Chinese wine in its duty-free stores.

The company said earlier this week that it had entered into a ten-year agreement with Chinese winemaker Dragon Seal with a view to selling the company's wine in 50 of its 4,000 duty free outlets within the next six months.

As part of the deal, Camus will stock Dragon Seal's Osmanthus King wine, which is only produced in China.

Speaking to the China Daily, Camus president Cyril Camus explained his reasoning for choosing Dragon Seal. "The company follows the French concept of one terroir, which is important to guarantee the consistent quality of wine," he said.

Camus has been running a 'Spirit of China' project since last year, and has signed agreements with several Chinese liquor companies and a cigarette maker.

Dragon Seal is China's largest wine exporter, with 1,000 tons, 10% of total output, being exported last year.