Chile's wine sector is working hard to grab a slice of the tricky but tempting Indian market.

For the first time, Chilean wines will be at the International Food & Drink Expo (IFDE) in New Delhi this December. The aim is to build on exports that currently total US$586,434.

"Chile is very interested in the budding Indian market," said Margarita Minchel of ProChile, the country's trade commission.

ProChile opened an office in New Delhi earlier this year and has already organised a trade tasting for importers, distributors, hotel representatives, restaurants and press. A second is expected next year.

Minchel said the IFDE would enable Chile to show its potential, and help winemakers understand local market requirements, including labelling and which wine styles Indian's prefer.

Indian wine consumption is predicted to reach 9m litres by 2010, from 5m in 2008.