The Charmer Sunbelt Group (CSG) has launched a responsible consumption initiative that will see public service announcements broadcast on radio stations in 11 US markets during the holiday season.

The message urges people not to drink and drive, reinforces adherence to all beverage alcohol laws, and provides a reminder that 21 is the legal drinking age. The period from Thanksgiving to New Year is one of the peak periods for alcohol-related road accidents in the country.

The radio campaign will be followed by the launch of the national "We don't serve teens" project, in which CSG is collaborating with industry body The Century Council and the Federal Trade Commission.

The company, which distributes beers, wines and spirits across some 15 states, has also just completed its first national television sponsorship, partnering with The Century Council to sponsor the 2006 College Smash Mouth Bass Championship on ESPN 2 and ESPN U, CSG used the sponsorship to promote drunk driving awareness.