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Click through to view the pumpclip for DNA

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Charles Wells and Dogfish Head Brewery's DNA New World IPA 

Category - Beer, cask, 4.5% abv 

Available - Launched on Monday (1 April). Only available for April. 

Location - UK, selected Charles Wells and Young's/Geronimo pubs and some freetrade outlets

Price - Pubs to decide independently 

Distributor - Charles Wells 

Family-owned UK brewer and pub company Charles Wells has partnered with Delaware-based Dogfish Head Brewery to launch seasonal ale DNA New World IPA. 

The 4.5% abv brew, made with Simcoe hops, is described as a “marriage of East Coast US and East Anglian UK brewing credentials”. It has been created by a reduction of Dogfish Head's 60 Minute IPA beer being integrated into Charles Wells's brewing process.  

“We've taken the very DNA of one beer and added it to the brewing process of another,” said Tim Sprake, Charles Wells' international sales and agency director. 

At a launch event in London last night (2 April), Sam Calagione, Dogfish Head's president & founder, said he had first noticed the UK company when he came across its Banana Bread Beer. On the new beer, he said: “We wanted to do something different. It (DNA) has a very intense bitterness, but is also intensely flavourful.” 

The beer is also due to be rolled-out this summer in keg format and bottles for the on- and off-trade.

Meanwhile, a similar cask version of the beer will get a limited launch in the US in June, with a bottled format expected next year. 

Calagione added: “This is the first step in what we hope is a very fruiful relationship with Wells & Young's.” 

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