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Product Launch - UK: Champagne Gosset's Grand Millésime 2004

Champagne Gosset's Grand Millésime 2004

Category - Wine, Champagne

Available - From November

Location - UK

Price - GBP79 (US$128) per bottle

Distribution - McKinley Vintners

Champagne Gosset's latest vintage, Grand Millésime 2004, is a blend of Chardonnay (55%) and Pinot Noir (45%). The expression has been aged for eight years and was produced without malolactic fermentation.

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Champagne Gosset has unveiled its latest vintage, Grand Millésime 2004. The wine has structure and elegance: Chardonnay (55%) is balanced by an outstanding and dynamically powerful Pinot Noir (45%). It has been cellared for eight years, and true to the character of all champagnes produced by this, the oldest wine house in Champagne (founded in 1584 in Aÿ), there was no malolactic fermentation in the production process.

This exceptional vintage is the result of uncommon weather conditions in the Champagne region; cool temperatures throughout the season allowed good acidity to be maintained, while low rainfall helped concentrate the flavours of the grapes. A cool and wet August allowed the grapes to grow and acidity to be maintained, while a magnificently warm and dry September allowed the heat and intensity of the sun to accelerate ripening, resulting in the ideal harvest for producing a Gosset Grand Millésime.

Stamped with the hallmark of Jean-Pierre Mareigner, Gosset’s award-winning cellar master for nearly 30 years, Grand Millésime 2004 is an elegant and fine tribute to the heritage of generations of wine makers who have faithfully maintained the distinctive identity of Gosset Champagne for over four centuries.

I“Grand Millésime 2004 is fine addition to the Gosset portfolio; a champagne that offers finesse, complexity and precision.” Says Philippe Manfredini, international director for Champagne Gosset. “It can be enjoyed as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to a meal.  It is the ideal pairing for fish (especially John Dory or Sea Bream), small game birds or white meat.  Fresh, or slightly matured goat’s cheese is also an ideal accompaniment.”

This latest vintage from Gosset has low dosage (just 8 g/L), and is bottled in the classic ‘Antique’ bottle that has been used by Gosset since the 18th Century.

With a retail price of around £79 per bottle, Champagne Gosset Grand Grand Millésime 2004 will be available in the UK in November.  As with the other Gosset Antique range, it is packed in a smart black gift box for maximum on-shelf impact.  The range is colour coded for ease of identification and is produced in line with the company’s commitment to sustainable development.

Champagne Gosset is distributed exclusively in the UK by McKinley Vintners.

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