Product Launch - US: Champagne Charles Heidsieck's Brut Reserve NV, Rose Reserve NV

By | 6 September 2012

Click through to view Charles Heidsiecks Brut Reserve and Rose Reserve

Click through to view Charles Heidsieck's Brut Reserve and Rose Reserve

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Champagne Charles Heidsieck's Brut Réserve NV, Rosé Réserve NV

Category - Wine, Champagne, both 12% abv

Available - From this month

Location - US, nation-wide, on- and off-trade

Price - Brut Réserve US$65.00 per 75cl bottle, Rosé Réserve $80.00

Distribution - Remy Cointreau USA

Charles Heidsieck is celebrating its 160th anniversary in the US with the launch of two ew expressions in the country.

The Champagne brand was bought by Societe Europeenne de Participations Industrielles from Remy Cointreau in May last year.

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“Courageous yet humble, demanding yet debonair, an ambitious dreamer and brilliant entrepreneur” - these are the characteristics used to describe the 19th century modern gentleman, Charles-Camille Heidsieck – a visionary businessman who travelled from France to the United States 160 years ago, introducing champagne to the New World and forever impacting how Americans entertained, dined and played. America at the time was considered a mystery to many Europeans - a land of legends and intriguing tales with instability and unknown horizons – but for Charles Heidsieck it was the virgin territory of his dreams - a time of great discoveries and opportunities.

A true dandy, a seductive man of style, character and vision, Charles Heidsieck became an immediate phenomenon in the U.S., attending high society parties and winning the hearts and palates of his New World patrons, earning him the nick name Champagne Charlie.

In 1851, at the age of twenty-nine, Charles Heidsieck founded his own Champagne House, creating a wine reflecting not only his personality, but also one that bore his first name, an unusual decision at the time. Confident in his strategic vision, Charles was one of only five champagne merchants to source grapes from the best growers of the area rather than buying land to grow his own. Understanding the importance of selecting, blending and ageing, Charles invested in chalk cellars excavated by the Romans in the 2nd century - a labyrinth of underground galleries with ideal hygrometric conditions for ageing his wines which are still used today. Today, Charles Heidsieck wines are awarded the highest accolades by professional juries across the world and have solidified the position as the champagne for "those who know.”

160 years after Charles’ first voyage to America, the The House of Charles Heidsieck is proud to celebrate the enduring legacy of Champagne Charlie by offering a new expression of their Brut and Rosé wines. The release of these new blends coincide with the inaugural U.S. visit of Chef de Caves, Thierry Roset. The champagne, like the man who inspires it, stands out among all others. Vinified from the finest crus and varietals, the brut is skillfully blended from equal proportions of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. With a very careful selection of 60 different crus and a blend of over 40% reserve wines, it is the art of the winemaker to find the delicate balance of complexity, depth and smoothness that defines the Charles Heidsieck signature style. The new bottle design is inspired by the unique shape carved into one of the original chalk cellars in Reims, and the label pays homage to the era in which the wines were conceived. While the wine, the bottle and the label may be new, the authenticity, refinement and ingenuity that have always been fundamental to the success of Charles Heidsieck remains.


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Product Launch - US: Champagne Charles Heidsieck's Brut Reserve NV, Rose Reserve NV

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