Chamarre could survive - owners

Chamarre could survive - owners

Collapsed French wine group Chamarré could yet return to the market after stakeholders in the firm said that they were working on a recovery plan.

Chamarré fell into administration at the end of last week, but owners believe the group and its namesake brand may yet survive.

”We are keeping a close eye on developments and on the drawing up of a recovery plan for Chamarré which is currently being elaborated,” French wine co-operative Val d’Orbieu told just-drinks today (15 June). Val d'Orbieu and eight other co-operatives form Vitifrance, which owns 24% of Chamarré.

A senior official from another co-operative grouped in Vitifrance, Producta, told just-drinks today that it was “important to point out that Chamarré had gone into administration, as opposed to liquidation, which means there is scope to reorganise the firm.”

Meanwhile, a senior executive at Languedoc-based Val d’Orbieu said Chamarré's collapse would not significantly impact the co-operative’s business.

No one was available for comment at Chamarré.