Centerra Wine Company has unveiled a new drink which combines brandy, vodka and vanilla.

The company, which is part of Constellation Wines US, said yesterday (12 December) that Kajmir will be available across the US in both the on- and off-trade. The drink can be consumed either neat or as part of a cocktail, Centerra said.

"We set out to create a flavoured spirit that offers consumers a truly unique taste," said Centerra Wine's marketing director Jon Guggino. "Consumers responded to Kajmir's distinctive flavour, calling it 'sexy, smooth, exotic and special.' Overwhelmingly, consumers said Kajmir captured a taste sensation they've been wanting but haven't been able to define."

In the US off-trade, Kajmir will be available in 750ml, 375ml and 50ml sizes, with the largest bottle being sold at a SRP of US$18.99.

A print advertising campaign in consumer magazines will follow in the spring.