With only 75 days until TURN OF THE CENTURY 2001, Barefoot Cellars is pleased to offer the perfect celebration beverage. As the upcoming festivities approach, celebrants across the nation can honor the new year with the GOLD MEDAL WINNING Barefoot Bubbly California Champagne. Barefoot Bubbly California Champagne was awarded the GOLD MEDAL at the Tasters Guild International Wine Competition held in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

In order to prepare for the enormous Champagne demand for TURN OF THE CENTURY 2001, Barefoot Cellars is bottling plenty of Barefoot Bubbly. "This California Champagne is delicious and affordable in an upscale package, and we are pleased to be selling it from coast to coast!" stated Michael Houlihan, Barefoot President and "Head Stomper." "People enjoy saying the words Barefoot Bubbly!" stated Bonnie Harvey, Barefoot Vice President and Cofounder. "Barefoot Bubbly California Champagne is the champagne that tickles your toes and your taste buds too!"

Jennifer Wall, Barefoot Winemaker, believes that the back label perfectly describes this Premium Brut Cuvee: "Barefoot Bubbly California Champagne opens with the delightful aroma of fresh flowers. Flavors of tangy citrus and crisp apples tantalize your taste buds. Savor the creamy vanilla finish." This elegantly packaged California Champagne is slightly sweet, with an approximate residual sugar of 2.0%. Barefoot Bubbly has a suggested retail of $7.99 in California.

The GOLD MEDAL WINNING Barefoot Bubbly California Champagne label is classic black with the famous Barefoot trademark embossed in gold. Ribbons of tiny bubbles add an element of fun. The Barefoot Bubbly case mimics the label on a grand scale. Barefoot Bubbly California Champagne is now available with a free 2001 champagne cocktail recipe neck tag. Bill Oakley, Barefoot Southern California Sales Manager and Mixologist, invented the Barefoot Bubbly California Champagne Cocktail Recipes. "The most popular recipe is 'Pear Bubbly' which is made by adding one part pear flavored brandy to six parts Barefoot Bubbly California Champagne. This is sweet, smooth and delicious! If you are feeling a little spunky, add a fresh raspberry!" Other favorite recipes include Barefoot Bubbly Twist, Barefoot Royale, and Barefoot Bubbly Martini. The GOLD MEDAL WINNING Barefoot Bubbly California Champagne has other Point-of-Sale materials available such as case cards, shelf talkers/neckers and magnets which can be ordered by calling 800-750-8828 extension 23. The Barefoot Bubbly California Champagne Point-of-Sale materials make a bright and cheerful display!

Founded in 1986, Barefoot Cellars is dedicated to providing its customers with the best wines at the most popular prices. In addition to the GOLD MEDAL WINNING Barefoot Bubbly California Champagne, Barefoot Cellars produces award-winning Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Zinfandel, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and White Zinfandel. Barefoot Cellars has been awarded over 300 medals in the last 3 years.

Now Barefoot fans can "Get the GOLD MEDAL WINNING Barefoot Bubbly California Champagne for TURN OF THE CENTURY 2001 and have a great time!" Remember, Barefoot Bubbly California Champagne is perfect for all celebratory events including Weddings, Graduations and Mothers Day!