Central European Distribution Corporation has acquired an exclusive license of the rights to Bols Vodka in Hungary for approximately US$1.15 million dollars. Bols Vodka is the third-best-selling vodka and the number-one selling premium vodka in Hungary. Net annualized sales of the brand are approximately $805,000. CEDC owns the best-selling vodka in Hungary, Royal Vodka.

William Carey, president and CEO of CEDC, said: "We are pleased that we have obtained the rights for Bols Vodka in Hungary. The addition of Bols Vodka in Hungary is another step in achieving our strategy of acquiring well- positioned brands in Poland and the region. Last week we also bought back the rights for Rum Senorita, which has net annual sales of $1.2 million for approximately $707,000."

CEDC is the largest vodka producer in Poland and produces the Absolwent, Zubrowka, Bols and Soplica brands, among others. CEDC also produces and distributes Royal Vodka, the number-one-selling vodka in Hungary.

CEDC also is the leading distributor and the leading importer of alcoholic beverages in Poland and Hungary.