The soft drink producer and bottler Coca-Cola Amatil is to withdraw its standard products from primary schools across Australia. The move is in reaction to mounting criticism from health lobbyists about child obesity.

The products to be withdrawn include standard Coke, Fanta, Sprite and Lift. CCA will instead promote its water, juice and diet drinks.
The company said: "We recognise there's an issue with obesity and we have a strong view that it's a complex issue.

"A lot of it is because of a lack of physical activity. But we also recognise that as a company, we have an important role . . . in the community and we felt this was a responsible move."

Coca-Cola also revealed plans to downsize its diet soft-drink range for schools, in a bid to improve its public image. It will repackage its diet drinks for schools from 600ml plastic bottles to 390ml bottles.