C&C Group is searching for "an official taste tester" for Magners cider, as part of its GBP4.5m (US$7.4m) summer marketing campaign for the brand in the UK.

The search is taking place online and in free, leased and tenanted on-trade outlets, the company said today (14 August).

The winner will receive a one-off wage of GBP50,000, along with a VIP trip to Magners' homeland in Co Tipperary, Ireland. A 'taste tester' inscribed bench, an inscribed Magners cider tankard and a year's supply of Magners Original Cider is also being offered.

Support for the promotion will include an outdoor advertising campaign.

Scott Fairbairn, marketing manager for Magners, said: "We're really excited about the new initiatives which we've introduced to help support the new summer campaign, and feel that they will continue to drive interest for the brand."

The closing date for entries is 17 October and the winner will be announced by 17 November.

Earlier this year, C&C Group reported that its cider sales had continued to fall in the first four months of its fiscal year.