C&C International has given its Irish Mist liqueur a make-over in a bid to more than double its volume over the next five years.

The new packaging positions Irish Mist closer to Irish whiskey and away from traditional liqueurs, the company said today (29 May). Updated packaging will see the brand in a tall, clear, whiskey-style bottle that replaces its former decanter look.

The company said it is hoping to attract more under 35s of both sexes who already consume brown and white spirits with mixers, to Irish Mist.

"Consumers are looking for more complex drinks with character, hence a resurgence in brown spirits, and they favour premium products with heritage and authenticity" said C&C International's marketing manager, Kevin Abrook.

"As a whiskey-based liqueur blend with a genuine heritage, Irish Mist is right on trend with all the forecasts for the drinks market. The relaunch allows us to tap into this new consumer group and join the likes of Southern Comfort at the bar."

Currently, Irish Mist sales are biased towards the US and Ireland, with modest volume in, Canada, Germany and rest of world. C&C said it now sees potential for increasing the brand's global distribution in addition to reaching new audiences where it is already established.

The new pack started shipping in April and will be supported by advertising and other promotional investment later in the year.