Click through to view Caskstrength Creatives 3D blended malt Scotch whisky

Click through to view Caskstrength Creative's 3D blended malt Scotch whisky

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Caskstrength Creative's 3D Scotch whisky

Category - Spirits, whisky, Scotch, blended malt, 56.4% abv

Available - From 7 November

Location - Online, exclusively from Master of Malt

Price - GBP49.99 (US$79.80) per 70cl bottle, limited to 504 units

Distribution - Master of Malt

UK-based Caskstrength Creative has lined up the launch of its latest blended malt Scotch whisky bottling. The company, which started its 'Alphabet' concept of releases last year, has brought together whiskies from Dailuaine, Dalwhinnie and Dufftown to form a blended malt for its 'D' expression, 3D.

The label on the bottle has been designed to be viewed in three dimensions, with a pair of retro-3D glasses included with the pack. A QR code on the label links to a site that hosts a downloadable design for a container that can be generated using a three-dimensional printer.

The 3D expression will be available online from Master of Malt.

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London-based Caskstrength Creative, run by whisky writers Joel Harrison and Neil Ridley are about to release the forth instalment in their bi-annual ‘Alphabet’ series of special whisky bottlings.  

The duo have now reached the letter D and the new bottling, entitled ‘3D’ was created from a vatting of three Single Malt Scotch Whiskies: Dailuaine, Dalwhinnie and Dufftown, assembled by Harrison and Ridley under the guidance and supervision of Diageo Master Blender Dr Matthew Crow. 

3D is a ground-breaking Blended Malt Scotch Whisky and this is the first time that these three whiskies have been specifically bought together to form a unique recipe. The release will be limited to 504 individually numbered 70cl bottles, with an ABV of 56.4% 

In keeping with the name - and the duo’s keen sense of innovation, the label for 3D has been especially designed and printed in true 3D and each bottle comes with a set of retro style 3D glasses, to enjoy the full ‘Stereoscopic’ effect.  

The innovative nature of the release continues to the packaging and the back of each bottle contains a QR code, which links through to the website where the plans for a visually striking container for the whisky can be downloaded and printed, using the latest 3D printing technology. 

Following a teaser campaign on Twitter, Caskstrength have also produced a short film to promote the release, which harks back to the golden era of 3D films and sees the duo donning their lab coats and bringing the whisky to life in true ‘Frankenstein’ style.

‘The three unique elements to this release have made this a hugely exciting project to work on,’ explains Harrison. ‘We feel that the 3D label and downloadable packaging demonstrate just how innovative Scotch whisky can be; all underscored by a great liquid.’

Ridley continues that ‘one of the most challenging aspects of the ‘Alphabet’ bottlings is to keep pushing the boundaries with everything we do. Much like a 3D film, putting the project together has added a totally new dimension of fun and flavour to the series.’

‘We were intrigued by the innovative and creative concept driving this product and its inventive marketing activation and were readily persuaded to support it on a one off basis, as another demonstration of the vibrancy and appeal of Scotch whisky’, explains Dr Nick Morgan, Head of Whisky Outreach. 

3D will be available exclusively through online retailers Master Of Malt, from the 7th November, priced at £49.99

Caskstrength - 3D Whisky – 56.4%

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