The supply chain specialist TrenStar has announced that it was to acquire the beer keg fleet of Carlsberg-Tetley (over 1m containers) and to provide an ongoing keg management service for the brewer.

TrenStar will make the kegs available to Carlsberg-Tetley under a container services agreement for a period of 15 years on a "per fill" fee basis. The fleet acquisition purchase to be completed in three phases was funded by a major UK bank.

"Carlsberg-Tetley has invested millions in new technology and modernizing and streamlining its breweries to improve capacity and efficiency and is pleased with its new partnership with TrenStar. We believe the TrenStar partnership will support our overall strategic direction and will help to further strengthen Carlsberg-Tetley's position in the UK," says Andrew Caswell, Carlsberg-Tetley's Strategic Planning director.

Carlsberg-Tetley intends to participate in TrenStar's planned keg pool. This solution will allow participants to share common supply chain components, which Carlsberg hopes will lower capital requirements and reduce operating costs. "For the first time major competitors in an industry will share essential strategic assets, infrastructure and supply chain management services through a neutral and reliable supplier. Carlsberg-Tetley will realize significant savings and improved supply chain performance through its ground-breaking participation in TrenStar's keg pool," says Alan Doyle, TrenStar's senior vice-president of business development.