Carpe Diem is poised to up its profile in North America.

The functional beverage brand, created by the founder of Red Bull, is the subject of a strategic partnership announced yesterday (18 January) with US and Canada importer AMI Brands. The drink will initially be available through trade channels in the area focused on wellness products.

"Similarly to how Red Bull opened up a new beverage category around the world, Carpe Diem is meant to offer a new functional, healthier drinking experience," said Dietrich Mateschitz, the founder of both Carpe Diem and Red Bull.

"Based on the knowledge of botany and homeopathy we selected a natural blend of 25 different botanical ingredients, with a taste profile unlike any other beverages."

Olivier Sonnois, CEO of AMI, added: "Carpe Diem fits perfectly within our stated strategy to offer North American consumers with everyday healthier beverages of choice. Carpe Diem will join our established platform of premium beverages poised for growth."

The botanical water range comprises labels including 'relaxing' with passion flower, lemon balm and thyme, as well as 'vitalising', comprising ginger, lemongrass and cardamon.

AMI Brands already imports Volvic Natural Spring Water and Badoit Sparkling Natural Mineral Water in the US and Canada.